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Who we are ?

Photom Technologies was established in 2018 with the vision to provide efficient and effective robotics and automation solutions for renewable energy and construction sector. 

Photom Technologies aims to improve the operations & maintenance of solar power plants by providing an apt solution focusing on the efficient cleaning of solar panels. Presently on an average, there is 35% decrease in efficiency due to soiling losses being embedded on solar panels surfaces. These losses not only affect the overall performance of solar plants but also have a deep impact on the operational costs and take a tall on the financial considerations of any company.

Our Vision

To establish a sustainable power sector for the future where everyone has access to carbon free energy.


Our team consists of highly motivated and certified professionals, with a common incentive to work toward a sustainable future. We inspire our employees to showcase innovation and achieve the corporate goals by overlapping the company’s mission and vision with their individual goals. We encourage young and aspiring people to be a part of us and be the change for the future generations.



Autonomous Robot for Object Detection, Image Classification, Navigation, AR & VR and OCR.


Control Systems, Sensing, Signal Processing, Actuation and Autonomous/ Controlled Navigation, Sensor Stack, Actuator Stack, Microcontroller and Microprocessor selection, circuit design and fabrication.  

Image by Luigi Frunzio
Image by Maximalfocus


Machine Learning or Deep Learning based sensor data analytics and machine decision making.


Mechanical design, design analysis, dynamics, kinematics, and study of materials.

Image by Brice Cooper
A staff checking solar panels


Structural analysis, understanding of processes, steps, materials and latest construction tech.

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